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The Story of God Our King traces the kingship of God, the royal nature of his people, and his victory over the serpentine enemy through the story of Scripture.


He’s a King like no other, defender and friend.

Always and forever, world without end.

The Story of God series is a growing collection of picture books that allow the reader and hearer to explore the whole biblical story in one sitting. Each book traces an important and foundational theological theme from Genesis to Revelation. Our hope is that Story of God series will increase biblical literacy, cultivate a biblical imagination, and kindle a life-long love for the God of the Bible.

What others are saying about the book:

"The Story of God Our King is a wonderful book for young children. It faithfully teaches the storyline of Scripture and offers captivating images to engage their hearts and minds. This beautiful book will be a welcome addition to any home with children!"

— Melissa Kruger, Author and director of women's content for The Gospel Coalition

The Story of God Our King ~ Kenneth Padgett and Shay Gregorie


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