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About us

'Gospel Books Ireland- Providing Ireland with faithful Biblical resources to help Churches and Christians grow'

GBI started in January 2020 with the goal of serving Christians throughout Ireland by providing them with reliable Christian resources. If there is anything in our store you would like to buy more copies than what we have in stock please do contact us. Our aim is to keep prices as low as we can whilst continuing to run a viable business.


Central to GBI's vision is to promote and support Church planting within Ireland. We desire to do this through two primary ways, firstly providing faithful biblical resources and secondly financially supporting Church planting efforts.



GBI Ireland was founded by Becky Candler with support of her husband Duncan who is originally from Kilkenny. They served in ministry roles in the UK for a number of years. They are Church planting in Churchtown, Dublin with the support of City Church Dublin.

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