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“In no time at all, the kittens began sniffing around and jumping all over the Quinns. Despite the drive, the kittens began to feel that they would enjoy their new home after all.”

It is a windy day when Mr. Quinn brings the three siamese kittens – Siam, Ko-ko and Java – to his country house on the outskirts of Dublin. There, the kittens meet Chai, a wise cat who has lived with the Quinns for years. Chai takes the kittens under his wing and teaches them the importance of trust, even when things do not seem to be going to plan.


Ages 5 - 8 | These delightful stories with subtle Christian metaphors are perfect for children learning to read on their own who want to discover the character of God. Michael Haykin's three books follow kittens Siam, Ko-Ko and Java as they join the Quinn household in Ireland.

The Siamese Kittens and the Breadcrumbs ~ Michael A G Haykin and Chris Iliff

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