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Searching for a Healthy Spirituality for the Whole of our Humanity

This book is an invitation to join a life-giving journey of rest and recovery. Having been suddenly set aside by a bleed on his brain, it takes Colin some time to find his feet again. In this he discovers a gracious invitation to rest and recover. Through slowness and struggle, under the cloud of Covid and the accompanying winds of anxiety in our culture, restoration and renewal are birthed that is more than physical, but heart and soul deep.

This journey of recovery is written from an Irish perspective, but connects with a cultural moment across our Western world in which many are seeking to recover life. We have become too fast and frantic. There is too much hurrying and hustling. Life is too shallow and solitary. It was never meant to be like this.

As you open this book, you are invited on a journey of discovery, in search of a healthy spirituality for the whole of our humanity found in the person of Jesus.

Recovering Life ~ Colin Holmes