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Disability has a way of trying even the best of marriages. The cumulative effects of daily routines that never vary, social isolation, financial pressures, unmet expectations, and a life that is vastly different from most couples can wear on the spirits of the strongest husband and wife.

Without Christ firmly in the center of the suffering, a spouse can crack under the pressure that disability brings to the marriage.

Ken Tada, husband to Joni Eareckson Tada, shares that disability does not have to be the defining word in your marriage. Instead disability is an invitation for you and your spouse to depend on Jesus in your weakness and grow closer to each other than you ever thought possible.

Ken shares how spouses can openly communicate about needs, expectations, disappointments, and then ask God for the help they need. As you ask, the transforming love of Jesus will be poured into your own heart, so you can be poured out for your spouse.

Be encouraged that God knows you and your spouse intimately and promises that when you are weak, he is strong and will be an ever-present help in the trouble you are facing.

For Better or Worse (When Disability Challenges Your Marriage) ~ Ken Tada


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