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When it comes to devotional life, we can struggle to get started for all kinds of different reasons. We may have heard that a regular devotional time is important, but we don’t know where to begin. Perhaps we feel so busy that we can’t possibly add yet another thing to our ‘to-do list’. Or maybe Bible study time feels more like a strain on the brain rather than fuel for the soul, and we wonder if it’s worth keeping going. 

In Time Well Spent, Colin Webster takes on these concerns, tackling them head-on. This short book will not be a magic wand that sets you up with a great devotional life, but it will show you what a devotional involves, how to set aside common distractions, and why our time with God really is time well spent. 

Let this book spur you on with gentle encouragement and practical advice and fuel your desire to set aside time with God. 

Contains helpful studies to guide you through common Quiet Time elements.

Time Well Spent ~ Colin Webster

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