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With the subtitle "Practical ideas for thriving in the early years of motherhood", it’s obvious who this book is for, but you need to know what it is like.

What others are saying about Survival Tips for Mums:

"I wish someone had given me this book when I was just embarking on the adventure of motherhood. It manages to be positive without being dewy-eyed. It is funny, warm, honest and Christ-centred and in addition is superbly practical about everything from the indignities of pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding to the annoyances of nits and everlasting laundry. And yet it is neither prescriptive nor preachy, just very readable and helpful."
— Ann Benton, author of The Fruitful Home and Parenting Against the Tide

"Reading Survival Tips for Mums is like having a friend who’s parenting alongside you, who can encourage you when you need a nudge in the right direction, help you through the challenges and remind you of the positives, particularly of the many blessings there are—even if sometimes they feel buried under the responsibilities of parenthood, nappies, the ironing pile … Learn from an ordinary mum who’s been there and learnt many helpful lessons along the way. Learn how to do family life well, by doing it as simply as possible. You will see that motherhood is a high calling—even if it’s often lacking in glamour—or a wage. It’s about learning to be a mum by grace, rather than by ‘mumsnet’. These ‘tips’ are soaked in wisdom from God’s word, and show that even for busy mums, it’s not just possible, but vital to keep in touch with God, and to live with His perspective—the wisest tip of all."
— Julia Jones, Director of Women's Courses at London Seminary

"How does a mum of five children, pregnant with her sixth, find time to write a book? The answer is because she has lived what she writes and shares her fresh experience. Reading the book is like listening to Elizabeth chat about her reflections on being a busy mum over a cup of coffee. You will nod your head in agreement, smile as you picture her interacting with the children and grab a pencil to note down her wise advice ... She writes with realism, honesty and frankness. You won’t feel judged but rather inspired to persevere when you feel discouraged ... This book will give you fresh perspective and yo