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This Youth Bible features the full NIV text, plus extra content and creative spaces including:
• Bible book introductions
• 66 key studies, one for each Bible book
• 3-week Big Bible Story reading plan
• 12 topical Bible studies
• 70+ articles on real world issues, tricky questions, Bible doctrines and real life stories
• PLUS: 100 verses to colour, 100 guided journaling spaces, 60 highlighted prayers, maps and family trees!

• Suitable for ages 13-21 

The Engage Youth Bible seeks to connect young people with God's word—helping them to unpack the Scriptures for themselves. The aim is not to tell young people what to think about the Bible, but to show them how to think about the Bible. That's why there's an introduction covering what the Bible is, how to read it and the overarching storyline—as well as individual Bible book introductions which put passages in context, studies that model inductive Bible study, and creative spaces in which to respond.

And it seeks to equip young people for their world. With content that has been revised and updated from our popular Engage Bible-reading notes, as well as lots of brand new material, this Youth Bible will help teens think through big issues and faith questions with 80 articles on Christian living, doctrine, apologetics and real life stories.

Engage NIV Youth Bible

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