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Why do I feel so irritated after being on social media?

I just spent way too much time scrolling Instagram!

Why is everyone on Facebook having more fun than I am?

Should I delete all my accounts?

Social media can be both a delight and a disaster for women who want to love God and love neighbor. The industry has grown so fast that it’s been hard to figure out how to handle it wisely: in less than 20 years, more than 75 percent of American women have signed up for an account. The latest surveys show Americans spend more than two hours a day scrolling, posting, and liking. How can we navigate this area of our lives with grace and discernment?

Join nine authors as they explore social media’s potential and pitfalls—along with the biblical principles we need to honor the Lord online.

Contributions from Jen Wilkin, Melissa Kruger, Laura Wifler, Emily Jensen, Gretchen Saffles, Ana Avila, and Stephanie Greer.

Afterword by Ruth Chou Simons

Edited by Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra

Social Sanity in an Insta World ~ Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra


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