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Motherhood is hard. In a world of 5 step-lists and silver-bullet solutions to become the perfect parent, mothers are burdened with mixed messages for who they are and what choices they should make. If you feel pulled between high-fives and hard words, with culture's solutions only raising more questions, you're not alone.

But there is hope.

At first glance, scripture doesn't have much to say about the food you make for breakfast, how you view your postnatal body, or what school choice you make for your children, but a deeper look reveals that everything goes back to the heart. Although the Bible doesn't spell out the answers to specific questions in modern-motherhood, God does provide a framework to find them.

In Risen Motherhood, Emily and Laura invite you to learn how to connect your Sunday-morning faith to the Monday-morning tantrum, through growing in your understanding and application of the gospel. They'll not only walk you through the gospel-narrative of common topics mums face, but they'll also teach you exactly how they do it.

Contrary to popular belief, the gospel is not disconnected or out-of-touch with today's motherhood. It's relevant. It matters. Join Emily and Laura as they walk through the redemptive story, revealing how the gospel applies to your everyday life, bringing hope, freedom, and joy in every area of motherhood.

Risen Motherhood ~ Emily Jensen and Laura Wilfer


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