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What does a prostitute and a prophet have in common? Usually nothing — except that in this biblical book, God prompts the latter to marry the former in order to illustrate the tense and heart-wrenching relationship between He and His people Israel.

The average church-goer has probably never heard one sermon from Hosea in his entire lifetime, much less knows the full spectrum of what is contained within its pages. Nevertheless, all of Scripture is God-breathed and there is much to be gleaned by delving into this prophet’s writing.

This volume makes for easy reading as it progresses phrase-by-phrase through the biblical text. Spiritual nourishment will be the end result of those that tune their minds and hearts to the voice of this Old Testament spokesman.

Hosea: The Broken Hearted Prophet is well-suited for personal/devotional Bible study as well as small group Bible study containing engaging discussion questions after each chapter.

Hosea: The Broken Hearted Prophet ~ O'Neil K. Russell


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