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‘The greatest act of service is to share the gospel with an unconverted person.’

Throughout the Bible, there is a sense of urgency in evangelism. If God can urgently plead with people to turn from their sin to receive forgiveness and eternal life, then why wouldn’t we echo His heart and cry?

Filled from start to finish with inspiring anecdotes from a lifetime of evangelism, Evangelistic Living is a powerful, practical and motivational book that will help rekindle or even, perhaps, fire your evangelistic witness for the first time.

What others are saying about Evangelistic Living:

"Roger Carswell is not only a first-rate evangelist, he knows how to inspire others in personal evangelism. His new book, Evangelistic Living, is powerful, practical and profoundly motivational. He makes the gospel message clear — the manner of witness effective — the motivation infectious thorugh powerful stories — and in his inimitable style, he leaves us without excuse while rekindling our joy for witness. I loved the book and I think you will too."
Rebecca Manley Pippert, Author of Stay Salt: The World Has Changed — The Message Must

"Evangelism is not merely an activity that we engage in but it should be a lifestyle that we practice. Having had the joy of knowing Roger over a number of years I can think of no one better to write on this subject. He practises what he preaches and models what he mandates. Read this and turn each day to an adventure of faith as we look for every opportunity to share Christ."
Michael Ots, Author and University Evangelist 

Evangelistic Living: Sharing the Gospel Day by Day ~ Roger Carswell

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