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In Challenges to Living God’s Way, Dr Chris Richards and Dr Liz Jones help young people navigate six difficult areas in which it is a challenge to live as a Christian. 

They provide a biblical perspective on the topic together with its practical application. 

Each chapter ends with a real-life story of how God has helped someone personally challenged in that area. 

The book concludes by showing how God’s design for marriage and sexual purity is simply the best.

"In a world that values individual preference and feelings above all else, this book reminds us that God's ways are right and good. A wide range of subjects are covered in a clear, faithful and sensitive way. There is enough detail to warn where needed, without creating unhelpful curiosity. Our young people are looking for straightforward answers on these topics. Chris and Liz are trusted sources for biblical principles and godly wisdom." Matthew Seymour, Pastor, Emmanuel Church, Leamington Spa

“Liz and Chris bring not only a clarity of teaching, but also a vulnerability of spirit as they share with the reader key biblical principles, on some of the most contested issues of our generation. As a young person reading this, wrestle with these chapters, even if their content may seem counter cultural, and unearth some wonderful truths as you pray about following Christ in your relationships and actions." Steve Beegoo, Head of Education at Christian Concern

"I cannot speak highly enough of this timely book. It is unafraid to tackle the issues of our day, which are of grave concern to most right-thinking people. Fact-based, Biblio-centric, warm-hearted, clear thinking, it is a must read for all teens and pre-teens and, or preferably with, their parents." Ann Benton, author of Parenting Against the Tide and The Fruitful Home

"What the world teaches on any given subject is often at odds with God’s commands regarding that same issue. Drs. Chris Richards and Liz Jones provide a much-needed resource: one that encourages teens to be biblically literate and thus equipped to discern what is good and true. By clearly defining and explaining six key issues at the forefront of our culture, and by guiding teens through Scripture passages that address each of these topics, Richards and Jones help to prepare teens to live in such a way that is honoring to God." Erika Allen, author of ESV Prayer Journals

Challenges to Living God's Way ~ Dr Chris Richards and Dr Liz Jones

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