"Whoever and wherever you are, these women want to tell you that you are a frontline worker." - From the Foreword by Aileen Challies From Austin to Edinburgh, from Baltimore to Glasgow, this is the story of women's ministry as you've never heard it before. It's one story told through different voices as women with ministry experience from across the globe collaborate to share their wisdom, insight and practical advice on how they minister in their communities. If you had the chance to sit down and ask each of these contributors about their lives, this would be that conversation. A healthy, thriving women's ministry is possible in your church too.



'This book is a must have for women in ministry, and it was an encouragement from the first page to the last. Having the perspective of different women write about their experiences and struggles in ministry life was refreshing in a world where women in ministry appear far too perfect! Their explanation of how God sustains them, builds them, and grows them was uplifting and they shared the joys and tears along the way. I loved how each chapter had questions for reflection and also further reading, helping to ground it in reflecting on our experiences, and would be a great resource to engage with other women in ministry. Having met Sharon I knew that these words weren’t just words in a page, but lived out in her day to day life, and I would highly recommend this book!' Julie Pollock (Wife to Pastor of Calvary Church Loughrea)

Unexceptional ~ Sharon Dickens

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