There is a great fascination today for what goes on in other people's lives. All the stories contained in this book are about real people. Some are dramatic. Others feature famous names. Some may even reflect aspects of your own life. All of them are captivating. From the bestselling author of Real Lives and Sagas comes a new book that features the true stories of lives transformed by an encounter with God. 1. Paul Jones and Fiona Hendley - a Blues Singer and an Actress 2. Sarah - a Policewoman 3. Lazal - a Female Freedom Seeker 4. Professor Stuart Burgess - a Rocket Scientist 5. Billy - a Former Terrorist 6. Myra and John - Truth Seekers 7. Ziggy - a Descendant of the Holocaust 8. Alison Stewart - an Addict 9. The Greatest Story Ever Told

Life Stories ~ DJ Carswell

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