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“Good Evening, and a very warm welcome to my marvellous story”

Investigating the amazing miracles happening around a man from the country called Jesus, the brainy, nerdy and curious Dr Luke trains his eye to find out just what’s happening.

Part detective diary, part doctor’s diary, all whilst being a Disciple’s diary.

To discover the truth, Dr Luke records everything.

All the amazing events and exciting stories are in his Diary. Beginning with Elizabeth and Zechariah’s miracle child to Jesus’ resurrection, Luke uses doodles and drawings to tell his story of finding out who Jesus is, and why it matters more than anything else.

Bringing the life of Jesus into a new retelling for ages 8–11, Diary of a Disciple makes Luke’s Gospel accessible with a fresh new voice in the quirky and brainy Dr Luke.

Diary of a Disciple Paperback Gemma Willis


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